Monday, November 26, 2012

Does the Leading Scorer Always Win?

One thing I've wondered about is how important it is to have the game's leading scorer.  So, we're going to find out together.  Each week I'll be posting the high scorer for each game and whether or not their team won and the running W-L record.  I'll post separate pages for each with all the games as well.

Boys Week One 11/20/12-11/26/12
Garrett Pitcher, Berne-Knox, Neutral floor Tamarac, 28 pts, W     1-0
Andrew Spath, Rensselaer, vs. Heatly, 19 pts, W     2-0
Garrett Pitcher, Berne-Knox, @ Rensselaer, 22 pts. W     3-0
Lucas Van Nostrand, Mayfield and Logan Samarija, Maple Hill, Neutral floor, 18 pts each, T     3-0-1
Ethan Ross-Hixson, Hoosic Valley, vs. Duanesburg, 18 pts, W     4-0-1
Pat LaPorte, Salem, @ Greenwich, 20 pts, L     4-1-1
Jordan Van Nostrand, Mayfield, Neutral floor Duanesburg, 18 pts, W     5-1-1
John Rooney, Hoosic Valley, vs. Maple Hill, 23 pts, W     6-1-1

Girls Week One 11/20/12-11/26/12
Hailee Metzold, Schalmont, Neutral floor Mekeel Academy, 22 pts, W     1-0
Paris Jarrell, Bishop Gibbons, vs. Cobleskill, 13 pts, L     1-1
Ailayia Demand, Watervliet, vs. Albany Leadership Charter, 19 pts, W     2-1
Jen Groat, Ballston Spa, Neutral floor Cohoes, 20 pts, W     3-1
Macie Holmes, Mekeel Academy, @ Bishop Gibbons, 22 pts, W     4-1
Alexandra Cardinal, Schalmont, Neutral floor Cobleskill, 19 pts, W     5-1
Mikayla DeGuire, Watervliet, vs. Ballston Spa, 16 pts, W     6-1
Hannah Saroff, Lake George, vs. Greenwich, 16 pts, W     7-1

Annual Scoring Totals
I'm also going to try to post when a player reaches a milestone such as 30 point games or when someone reaches 100 points on the season (or 200, or 300, etc.).  Since no one has played more than two games no one has quite gotten there yet, but Garrett Pitcher of Berne-Knox is at 50 already after playing just two games.

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