Monday, March 11, 2013

The Long Winding Road of Data Entry

So I've started compiling all of the box scores I have into a spreadsheet so I can list each player's stats on the site and update them annually so you too can see how many points each player has scored over their careers.  The problem is, it takes forever.  I have completed 3 of the 180 plus section 2 teams' schedules.  It's not as bad as it sounds because I'm putting both teams in at once for each box score so by the time I get to Watervliet there won't be any games left to input.  Still it's slow going.

As far as the State Tournament goes, we still have four of the five boys teams remaining and all of those that won did so by healthy amounts and the one who didn't kept it to a handful only losing by five.  The girls didn't fare as well with only two of the five advancing, but even in defeat they held their own averaging five point losses as Scotia did in the boys.  It's also nice they are on television because who wants to drive to Onondaga Community College or Plattsburgh?  Not I.

Good luck to those who remain and congrats on a great season for those who don't.  Keep watching.

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