Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Favorite in Boys Class AA?

A few nights ago I wrote about how Saratoga Catholic blew out Fort Plain by 47 points.  It had the potential to change the entire landscape in the WAC and it was certainly not a score I expected to see.  Tonight there is another score that has the potential to change everything in boys Class AA.  Fresh off Schenectady's 1 point loss to CBA and blowout of Bishop Gibbons, Green Tech returned the favor beating Schenectady by 31 points. 

Green Tech only has 6 Section 2 teams on its schedule and aside from 2 games with Albany Academy (who also plays a light Section schedule with only 5 in section games) this was their biggest Section 2 test.  I know Albany Academy in the past has chosen to play in other post season tournaments instead of Section 2 but I don't know what their plans are this year or if Green Tech has similar aspirations.  I'll try to find out in the next couple days.  What I do know is that Green Tech is now a legitimate threat to unseat the Big 10 in Sectionals and may even be the new favorite.

On another front, I ran the girls Sectional Forecast tonight and though I'm not posting the results until after the Christmas tournaments are complete, there are some surprises.  I'll get into details within the post, but where we stand right now, those surprises do make some sense and reinforce my worry about running it so early in the season.  Even so, it's a good starting point and with each new Forecast you can see how more games influences the brackets.  It's also worth mentioning that unlike other polls, there is no predetermined bias with each new poll.  Each teams standing is independent of their previous standing and only relies on the newest full picture information available.  So don't worry if your favorite team is lower than you think they should be.  Schedules aren't balanced and things will even out.  Each team will end up where they belong in the end.

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