Monday, December 17, 2012

Where Does LaSalle Stand in Big 10

There is a good article from Eric Medved about underclassmen scorers (please let me know if the link isn't working) in the section this year.  It is a trend I also noticed and am trying to find the time to put some numbers to it so you can see just what he is talking about.  Maintaining the scores database is going well, but the box scores database is taking a lot longer than I expected and I haven't even started the girls yet.  So, I apologize for not getting more into the scorers as I had previously mentioned, but it's hard to keep up doing this part time.

What I did want to get into was another early trend I noticed with LaSalle.  They have proven they belong in the conversation with a win over Troy and a single digit loss to CBA, but their other two wins over Amsterdam and Bishop Maginn make me wonder if they play more to the level of their competition.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  It is certainly a good attribute to have to be able to get up for a big game, and perform.  But, a 9 point win over, by all accounts, a mediocre Bishop Maginn and a 24 point win over an Amsterdam team that is over matched in the Big 10 don't exactly send chills up your spine.  Right now I would put them a solid third just ahead of Schenectady and just behind Troy.  I am curious to see how they respond in the next few games and their rematches with CBA and Troy. 

If LaSalle comes out of league play as the 3rd seed in the Big 10 and keeps up their trend of playing up to their competition, they could be very dangerous in sectionals.

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