Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bizarre Score of the Night

It's not Troy's win over CBA.  However important in the Big 10 standings, it's not all that shocking and especially not bizarre.  It must be the Argyle boys 103 point performance versus Warrensburg then?  While you don't see 100 points in a game too often it does happen and Argyle has been averaging 37 MOV's in Adirodack League play.

No, I'm talking about Saratoga Catholic's 47 point win over Fort Plain.  Fort Plain had been undefeated in WAC play and though every game had been close with the exception of their win over Galway, the same could be said for Saratoga Catholic.  SC additionally had a loss to St. Johnsville who was 0-3 excluding that win.  The MOV was 9 points more than SC's win over Galway who is has yet to win a game and is averaging losses of 40 points per game.

I would not have been surprised if you told me it was a 4 or 7 point win.  With Galway the one exception this is probably the most competitive division in terms of how evenly matched each team has been so far.  9 games have been under 10 points, 4 have been 10 or over and the other 4 were games in which Galway played.  I will be interesting to see how each team responds to this game.  Whether Fort Plain bounces back or folds, and if SC can build on this and take it the rest of the way or comes back down to Earth.  Regardless of how the rest of the season plays out, this one was certainly shocking, enough so I waited another day to make sure I was reading it right.

In girls basketball, there was another score that not many people would have seen coming though there was a sign it could be a competitive game.  Ichabod Crane defeated Schalmont in Colonial Council play by 20 points.  As with the FP-SC boys game a close game could have been expected and wouldn't have been a shock.  Entering the game Schalmont had a 5-1 record though several of their games were close and their opponents are now 7-10 against other Colonial Council teams.  IC on the other hand may have been 0-4, but their opponents are now 10-5.  Voorheesville is their only common opponent to date and both games were remarkably close with both IC and Schalmont each losing by 2. 

 I'm still trying to get a grasp on the Suburban.  Bethlehem has been looking pretty solid and already have one win over Colonie.  They should continue to get better as the season progresses as the Giacone sisters are only a Freshman and Sophomore and the rest of the team is pretty young too. Shaker looks to be the team to beat on the other side with Shen taking one on the chin from Colonie.  Shen's wins haven't been as impressive as Shaker's and though it remains to be seen whether or not Shaker can match-up against Colonie and Bethlehem, Shaker is the only real threat coming out of the North Division.

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