Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

In my last post I mentioned how well the Broadalbin-Perth boys started off with two solid wins in their first two games.  Well, they followed that up with a 20 point loss to Cohoes yesterday.  With the loss comes the increasing likelihood that their two wins were against lesser teams and the decreasing likelihood they will be around to make a strong push in March.  I tend not to take too much stock in any one game result, and would caution anyone else to do the same, especially in the upper classes.  Twenty point margins however aren't your typical losses for serious contenders within their own class. 

In tonight's games, Troy and Albany Academy put up big numbers on Bishop Maginn and Shen respectively.  If Troy stays in the A bracket this year, this kind of performance could be a sign of good things.  I'm going to operate under the assumption Albany Academy won't be competing in Section 2's sectionals this year as well, but a 20 point win over Shen is a good start to anyone's season.

I think Rensselaer is my early season darkhorse in the C bracket.  They had a good run in Sectionals last year and are off to a good start this year winning their first two games.  As an early sign the girl's C bracket may not change much, Waterford already recorded a near 50 point win over another CHVL team (which apparently a good two-thirds of Class C could do regularly if last year's sectionals are any good measure) and Hoosic Valley just beat Catholic Central by 3 after losing their best player to graduation. 

There isn't a ton of information to analyze yet, but scoreboard watching, even this early can be interesting.  I have to go input some scores so I can go to bed sometime before tomorrow.

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