Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mercy Mercy Me

I've never been a fan of the mercy rule.  Being incredibly bad at something you thoroughly enjoy is something everyone should experience in their lives.  I have the honor of filling that column on more than one occasion (and several weekends each summer on a golf course near you).  I can honestly say I've learned more doing the things in which I'm dreadful than the things that I excel.

Sometimes you see a score you'd rather not.  I feel bad for the kids on the wrong side of that score having been there myself (I once gave up 19 hits and 13 runs in 4 2/3 innings), but the lessons from those scores can prove valuable later in life whether you realize it or not.  I would have gladly played and lost than not played at all (I did both at one point or another).  It was my love of baseball that introduced me to statistics after all (and I did pick two guys off first base that day, even if the first baseman dropped one of them). 

So, while I'm sorry to see what I saw tonight, I do believe the lessons learned from it are worth the price.  I bet each one of those kids has something positive to say about their performance, even if it's only a pick off at first.

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