Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winners Win

Friday night was a good night for the 2012-2013 Sectional Champions in boys basketball with Troy, Watervliet, Lake George and Argyle all bringing home wins.  I don't know how the Big 10 is going to shake out just yet, but Troy has a big win over CBA already under it's belt and early indications are that the city of Troy could very well own the Big 10 title at year's end.  Catholic Central put up an impressive victory over LaSalle as well and it seems likely one of those schools will come out on top.  If CBA can't beat Troy, which they did both times last year, it doesn't seem likely they will have enough to win the title.  Catholic Central on the other hand showed some upside last year and returned most of their top players where Troy, CBA and LaSalle lost theirs.

Troy may also be competing in the Class A bracket this year.  Their enrollment, like last year, says they should be.  I'm interested to see how they would compare to Scotia, who is the class of Class A otherwise.  It's almost more interesting to me than if they go up to AA as they did a year ago, where Green Tech seems poised to take hold.  

Watervliet also lost their two best players to graduation and narrowly earned a victory over Fonda.  Fonda has played and lost three games this year all to other Class B schools with the Watervliet loss being by the fewest number of points.  Given how well Cohoes played against Broadalbin-Perth who beat Fonda by 17, Cohoes has the early upper hand in the Colonial, with Mechanicville hot on their heels.  Ichabod Crane has only played one game and won, and Schalmont's 39 point loss was by only one more than Cohoes' 38 point loss both to Scotia.  The best two teams from the Patroon last year are currently a combined 0-3 and Schuylerville has a 20+ loss already on their books.  I don't know who the favorite is yet in Class B.  It may even be someone I didn't mention, but based on the early results we may not know for a while.

The C schools should provide some good entertainment again this year.  Lake George squeaked by with a 1 point win over Hartford on a Joel Wincowski bucket with time winding down.  Until someone beats him, and them, handily I have a hard time calling anyone else the favorite.  Hoosic Valley would have to be the second choice and they've already put up wins over Hudson Falls and Greenwich.  I like the scheduling play at HV putting an A school on the calendar, even if they aren't one of the better ones and playing in the tournament at Waterford this weekend.  Variety is good for a team with lofty goals.  The other team that has impressed me so far is Saratoga Catholic who is now 3-0.  We don't yet know how impressive their win over Schuylerville was, but I can't wait to find out when the Wasaren League gets deep into their schedule. 

Class D could be a toss up as well.  Argyle has gotten off to a good start, and Hartford can't be counted out after their showing against Lake George and Northville also has a couple of good wins.  Other than Germantown, the CHVL D's look to be having a down year.  Regardless, it has to be a more competitive field than last year now that Joey Lufkin has graduated.

I'll be dedicating some time to the girls side as well.  Sorry I wasn't able to get to it here. 

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