Sunday, February 9, 2014

Girls Class C HV v. Field

So I'm attempting to do the girls class C  the same way I did the boys B's last night.  I had to include five teams this time as I thought it was necessary and it turns out to be cleaner as there are five different classes that are in play.  I chose the best of each league just to be fair to all and get a good comparison between the leagues involved.  They are Hoosic Valley from the Wasaren, Maple Hill from the Patroon, Lake George from the Adirondack, Waterford from the CHVL and Fort Plain from the WAC.  There could be some argument to using Fort Plain.  My reasoning is this, though tied with Canjo for the best record, they beat them twice head to head.  They also beat Berne-Knox by 7.  Berne-Knox split with Middleburgh, who has the best record on the other side of the WAC. 

The strongest argument would be Middleburgh.  They and Fort Plain both split with Mayfield by roughly the same margin, however Middleburgh beat Canjo by 24 which is 15 better than Fort Plain could do with two tries.  I chose Fort Plain, mostly because of a lovely email I received regarding them and my methods.

Anyway, I'm not done yet, because I'm using five teams instead of four and because the C schools don't have nearly as many common opponent opportunities since they are located at greater distances apart from each other.  Either way, I finished HV's analysis vs the other four teams I mentioned, and thought I'd put it out there for your consumption.

Of the four teams, Maple Hill was the closest having a head to head and a few other common opponents averaged together the margin went down to 7.0.  Lake George was second with 27.13, Fort Plain third with 27.14 and Waterford fourth at 33.13. 

Just to round it out, I also did HV v Greenwich, who would move ahead of Maple Hill slightly at 5.2.  I'll keep working on the rest of the analysis when I have more time as it's now past midnight, but if you just used the HV analysis the order would look like this.

1.  Hoosic Valley
2.  Greenwich
3.  Maple Hill
4a.  Middleburgh
4b.  Lake George
4c.  Fort Plain
7.  Waterford


  1. Exactly why you need to see the games before making statements.
    1.FP would never have split with Mayfield had they had all their players.
    2. anyone who watched the Canjo/ Middleburgh game knows Canjo played terrible and really made Middleburgh look good.
    3. Lake George is down one of their best players.
    4. Middleburgh/FP tuesday should have waited to post

  2. What statement did I make that was inaccurate? That Middleburgh has the strongest argument to be better than Fort Plain? That's hardly the same as saying they ARE better. Since you get to watch so many games, who would you say can make the strongest argument for being better than Fort Plain in the WAC?

  3. Your whole blog is a statement. What I was saying is if you had ever seen Canjo/Middleburgh or Fort Plain play you could make the reference to the 24 loss by Canjo. You also need to take in account the Rivalry between FP and Canjo. Which in my opinion (a word seldom used in this blog) is a huge factor in any game, especially with those two teams. I'm not saying or have I ever said FP is better than Middleburgh. I said the post should have waited till after they play tonight.