Friday, February 21, 2014

Round 2 Class D

Some good games tonight but first I want to get the D games out of the way.

Class D
Argyle over Northville
Fort Ann over North Warren
Hartford over St. Johnsville
Germantown over Salem

Since Waterford already lost, I'm not 3 games back and quickly running out of opportunities to make up ground.  The D bracket probably won't afford any opportunities either, at least not in this round.  Germantown should beat Salem as well.  They have each played Heatly, Germantown winning by an average of 25.5 points and Salem winning by 14.  That seems pretty clear as well.  Northville lost to North Warren by 13 who Argyle beat by 28.

Using that same Northville v NW comp, Northville lost to St Johnsville twice by an average of 6 points, putting NW ahead of St J by 7.  NW split with Hartford with an average of 2 points variance so they are essentially even and both were 11-6 in the Adirondack League.  So, one would think Hartford should be the favorite.  Finally, Fort Ann and North Warren might seem like a lock for FA since they won the first meeting by 25, however, NW played Hartford six days after the seedings were released in a make-up game and beat them by 14.  The reason I point that out is that Hartford won that first meeting by 18, so there was a 32 point swing.  More than likely that was a lack of interest on Hartford's part, but you never know

Onto tonight.  HV and Greenwich moved on to face each other on Wednesday.  They have already played twice with HV winning both by an average margin of 20.5.  That doesn't mean everything, but they should be favored and it will be an upset if Greenwich pulls it out.

In the B bracket, all the higher seeds won with the exception of Mekeel Academy who lost to Mechanicville.  Perhaps the surprising thing here is that two Colonial teams will be meeting in the semis, not the finals.  I think both of these games, Mechanicville v Voorheesville and BP v Hoosick Falls should be great games to watch and any of the four could win the whole thing.  It's also nice to see 3 different leagues represented and rightfully represented.  Cohoes may be better than any of them over the course of a season, but the four that are left are all deserving.

On the Girls side, we get to see another Shaker / Shen showdown in the semis as both moved on relatively easily tonight.  Hoosic Valley, Greenwich and Maple Hill also advanced.  The Maple Hill v Greenwich matchup is well worth watching if you get the chance.  Greenwich can lay claim to beating HV earlier this year, something MH wasn't able to accomplish.  Unlike last year, where the best game was HV v HF in the semis and there was a blowout in the final, the winner of Greenwich v MH should make the final a game that is actually watchable.

On a programming note, I signed up for twitter the other day, I'm @cdsals.  I haven't actually tweeted anything yet, but I followed a number of people tonight keeping tabs on the scores.  I intend to go to a couple games sometime this week.  I'll let you know which ones and I'll tweet some scores while I'm there.  And, thank you for finding me, those of you who have.  I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I'm roughly 50% on my own now so I appreciate your support.  Thanks.

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