Thursday, January 10, 2013

Albany Academy's Place in AA

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to watch the Shen-Shaker games either in person or on TV, but I did see the boys game was a close game and was successful in raising some money for a good cause.  The loss does more harm for Shen than good for Shaker.  Shen continues to play in close games and even though they had a 16 point win over Mohon earlier in the week I don't think it is going to do much for their standing in the AA bracket when this loss is taken into account.

There was another interesting game however with Albany Academy beating Albany by 29.  Albany is a good measure because they have played both Troy and CBA losing both games by 30 and 27 respectively.  Although I don't advise using one game to do a full analysis, this does give some indication that all three teams are roughly on the same level.  The thing that is throwing me off is that there is a full .100 between each of these teams in the model last week, with Troy .100 ahead of Albany Academy and Academy .100 ahead of CBA.  I don't think they are that far apart and I'm hoping after a pretty full week of games we'll start to see them move back toward each other.  Fortunately we still have a hand full of games that should decide things a bit.  Green Tech and Albany Academy will meet twice, CBA and Troy will show down again and Bethlehem and Shaker have yet to play.  There are also a few other Suburban games with Guilderland, Shen and Columbia that will have an impact.

The top six teams in this bracket are all pretty good and other than the potential for Green Tech to show they have the edge with their games against Albany Academy it could come down to how they match-up in sectionals.

On the girls side tonight there were a few games in the CHVL and Foothills.  Waterford is still clearly the team to beat and there isn't going to be much drama.  The Foothills is exactly the opposite with four of the teams with either 1 or 2 league losses to date.  Tonight didn't make things any clearer.  I've heard Scotia has a big injury they are dealing with so we'll see how that plays out in the long run.  Playing time is good for everyone and could give them a deeper and more experienced bench if and when their player comes back.  They may not win the league, but could be a plus come the third week in February.

I huge slate of games tomorrow night with nearly 80 in total.  If I see anything worthy I'll post something, otherwise, since it's been a packed week for me (meaning not much time for posting) I'm going to concentrate on the newest forecast and regroup and get back on track for next week.

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