Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Thoughts on Tonight's Games 1/2/13

Only a light schedule tonight, so this will be brief, but there was one boy's score that caught my eye.  Lake George recorded a 17 point win over Hoosick Falls.  It's the first non-league game I have in the database for Lake George and it's important because it's also a common opponent of the team they are currently ahead of in the Forecast, albeit only slightly. 

This game was played in Lake George, while Hoosic Valley's 7 point win was played in Hoosick Falls.  While I have no stats to back it up, it always seemed to me like Hoosick Falls was very difficult to beat at home.  They typically have good shooters and maybe they just like their rims better than everyone else's, which may have some influence.  I can't say for sure, but it's something to watch.

Ultimately, these two scores are pretty close to one another when home court is taken into account with perhaps Lake George just slightly ahead.  My take away is that perhaps the model is doing a better job than I gave it credit for.  We'll see about my other prediction that Lake George will lose to Argyle in a couple weeks, but for now, Lake George should maintain their narrow advantage over Hoosic Valley in Class C.

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