Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Round Sectional Standings

I'm still working on the Common Opponent Analysis, but I've got most of the rest of the boys tournament done and will have that up as soon as I can.  In the meantime, I thought I would update you on how the different models are doing, as well as the Section 2 committee.  Please see the standings below.  One thing to note is that the committee has a built in advantage in the preliminary and first rounds as their picks get home court advantage whereas mine are at their mercy.  Most of the games the rest of the way are on neutral floors (I know there are still some that have home court but I believe they are the better seeds).  While I'm not overly thrilled with the girls' standings, they could be a lot worse and given how little information I have in the database it's not too bad.  There's also a lot of games left to make up some ground.  You can also see how much better the boys' model is doing with just two more years of games.

Boys                                        W            L         PCT.  
Section 2 Committee                31           7          .816
Sectional Forecast Rating         31            7         .816
Common Opponents Analysis  30            8          .789
Sectional Prediction Rating       29            9          .763

Girls                                        W            L         PCT.  
Sectional Prediction Rating       28            4          .875
Section 2 Committee                26            6          .813
Common Opponents Analysis  23             9         .719
Sectional Forecast Rating         21            11        .656

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