Monday, February 18, 2013

Girls First Round Common Opponent Analysis (COA)

I did mention this analysis takes forever right?  I'm only through the first round of the girls which means I have a long night ahead of me for the boys.  Basically, I use the head to head match-ups when I can and go out from there.  I stopped at common opponents five teams away, for example, Waterford played Duanesburg who played Columbia who played Tamarac who played Greenwich.  Even that is quite a bit of a stretch but for some of these match-ups you have to go that far just to get one point of reference.  By definition this means that there is less and less value in those types.  Luckily we have strength in numbers in most cases with at least four or more of those cases.  I'm still not entirely thrilled with it, but you have to have something.  I listed the average point variances of those common opponents as well so you can see how close things are.  I would say anything under 10 should be considered toss-ups which means the CHVL has the potential to get shut out in this sectionals.

   Class AA     
 S1   Bethlehem  Bethlehem  
 B8   Bye 
 S6   Guilderland  Columbia 7
 S5   Columbia 
 S3   Colonie  Colonie  
 B6   Bye 
 S7   Bye  Catholic Central  
 B2   Catholic Central 
 S2   Shaker  Shaker  
 B7   Bye 
 S6   Bye  Bishop Maginn  
 B3   Bishop Maginn 
 S4   Shenendehowa  Shenendehowa 33
 S7   Niskayuna 
 S8   Bye  Albany  
 B1   Albany 

   Class A     
     1  Troy  Troy  
  16  Bye 
     9  Amsterdam  South Glens Falls 14
     8  South Glens Falls 
     5  Mohonasen  Mohonasen  
  12  Bye 
  13  Bye  Queensbury  
     4  Queensbury 
     3  Averill Park  Averill Park  
  14  Bye 
  11  Bye  Glens Falls  
     6  Glens Falls 
     7  Scotia-Glenville  Scotia-Glenville  
  10  Bye 
     2  Holy Names  Holy Names  
  15  Bye 

   Class B     
     1  Watervliet  Watervliet 50
  16  Emma Willard 
     9  Broadalbin-Perth  Schalmont 5
     8  Schalmont 
     5  Taconic Hills  Taconic Hills 30
  12  Catskill 
  13  Ichabod Crane  Cohoes 18
     4  Cohoes 
     3  Ravena  Ravena 14
  14  Fonda-Fultonville 
  11  Hudson  Hudson Falls 26
     6  Hudson Falls 
     7  Johnstown  Johnstown 19
  10  Greenville 
  15  Albany Leadership  Tamarac 44
     2  Tamarac 

   Class C     
     1  Hoosic Valley  Hoosic Valley 16
  16  Middleburgh 
     9  Lake George  Fort Plain 6
     8  Fort Plain 
     5  Duanesburg  Duanesburg 6
  12  Galway 
  13  Voorheesville  Hoosick Falls 14
     4  Hoosick Falls 
     3  Berne-Knox  Berne-Knox 17
  14  Canajoharie 
  11  Greenwich  Waterford 6
     6  Waterford 
     7  Mekeel Academy  Mekeel Academy 2
  10  Mechanicville 
  15  Albany Academy  Maple Hill 54
     2  Maple Hill 

   Class D     
     1  Fort Edward  Fort Edward  
  16  Bye 
     9  Germantown  Germantown 4
     8  North Warren 
     5  Northville  Northville  
  12  Bye 
  13  Bye  Warrensburg  
     4  Warrensburg 
     3  Argyle  Argyle  
  14  Bye 
  11  Bolton  Bolton 1
     6  Heatly 
     7  Hartford  Hartford 14
  10  New Lebanon 
  15  Bye  Fort Ann  
     2  Fort Ann 

One final note, I calculated off the teams I had winning the play-in games so I could do the whole tournament based on the original brackets and make it comparable to the others I've presented.  I'll also be doing it with the updated winners for comparisons sake.

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