Friday, January 31, 2014

The Contradictor

So it seems as though I'm fairly good at contradicting myself.  Just last week I said I thought Troy had a decent chance at the class A Sectional title.  A few days later, after a couple pretty lousy outings by Troy, I said more or less.....maybe not. 

Just a couple days ago, I compared Scotia to CCHS and said, for the most part, they are roughly equal.  So, what happens tonight?  Anyone want to venture a guess?  That's right, Troy beat CCHS by 8.  I'm not entirely sure which point that helps prove.

The good thing is that it makes things a whole lot more interesting.  Maybe Troy can put of a good fight for the A title and maybe not but if CCHS won tonight, the Big 10 would have been wrapped up and more than likely so would have the class A Sectionals. 

But now..we have something more to look forward to.

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